My son is a huge fan of Robin Hood.  So much so that when he asked me to make him a bow and arrow, I could not resist.  I decided to make myself a bow as well, and the ball started well and truly rolling after that!  I make a few styles of bows.  Just tell me what your draw length and weight are, and we’ll go from there!  I use a variety of woods for the various parts.


For the traditional unbacked longbows I like Red Oak, Hickory and Osage. Backed bows I’ve built include Hickory backing for Hickory and Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) a Brazillian walnut.


Bamboo backed Ipe makes for a hard hitting, fast shooting hunting bow.

For laminates I don’t think you can go wrong with a bamboo or maple core, and then almost any wood that looks good can be used for the back, belly and riser. The sky is the limit!  Zebrawood, Cherry, Bloodwood, Cocobolo, Purpleheart.  What’s your preference?  I can even back your bow with snakeskin to give it that “natural camouflage” look.

Traditional Longbows

Five to six feet long with draw weights from 15 to 50 pounds at 28 inches.  These are excellent for target shooting and all around fun.  I can build them with or without arrow rests depending on your preference.  They take around two weeks to build.


Laminate Reflex/Deflex Longbows

These are a bit more involved than the traditional longbow.  Common lengths are between 62 and 70 inches.  I usually put 4 – 5 layers of wood together with some fiberglass and epoxy and cook till done!  I can build them from 15 to 60 pounds of draw.  These also have your choice of woods for the riser as well.  Beautiful bows and fast shooters!  These take a couple of weeks to build.

Cost: $75 – $500. All prices are subject to design and materials.


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