Bluefeather Philanthropy

I am very lucky and blessed to be able to do something I love as my job. As such, I have always felt it very important to support worthy causes wherever and whenever I can that help make lives better, be they human or critter. Starting in 2016, I am pledging to donate $1 or 10%, whatever is higher, to organizations that do good in the world. Below is a list of groups that I support, and what purchases go specifically to those groups.



Every turtle sold will send money out to the Oglala Lakota reservation in South Dakota. They are consistently in the top three for poorest counties in the Northern Hemisphere. Re-Member is a non-profit that strives to improve the lives of the people living there. Volunteers that travel there do all sorts of things, like skirting trailers, fixing roofs, and building wheelchair ramps, to providing beds for kids and propane and wood for heat during the winter. They also provide the volunteers with a cultural immersion program that teaches them about not just the history and traditions of the Lakota, but the issues facing the tribe and especially the youth today. Find out more at


The Raptor Center

Located at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, TRC is world renowned for their rescuing, treating and releasing of raptors. Eagles, Hawks, Owls… they get around 800 birds a year in need of treatment. Money from the sale of any product with “eagle” or “hawk” in the name will be going there. See more of what they do at


The International Owl Center

This is in Houston, Minnesota. Dedicated to educating the public and doing research on owls, they are growing into a premier destination for owl lovers across the globe. Money from the sale of any owl themed item goes to support their work. They can be found at

GHO rescue