John Shaffer, Artisan & Owner of Bluefeather Workshop

I’ve been tinkering around since I was a young boy in my father’s shop.  His encouragement and training was extremely helpful as I grew, but led to a bad case of ‘Do-It-yourself-itis’ as an adult.

When I wanted a nice stained glass piece for my wife for our first anniversary, I shopped around, but couldn’t find anything that I really wanted at a good price.  I looked into commissioning a piece, and the costs really went through the roof.  So I went into ‘DIY’ mode and made what I wanted for her myself. That led to creating a custom work for my Dad based on a favorite picture of the two of us, “The Journey Begins.”.

It wasn’t long before I was making pieces large and small for family and friends.

The same chain of events happened with building knives, bows, 550 gear… practically everything I offer started out as a gift for someone.

Stained glass blue feather

Bluefeather Workshop Philosophy

On a trip to Italy, my wife and I visited a glass factory in Venice that made world famous Murano glass.  We were treated to a tour of the factory, including a demonstration of how they blow a lump of molten glass into various objects.  The glassblower withdrew a glowing bead the size of a baseball from the furnace and proceeded to blow it into a simple but beautiful clear glass vase.  I was absolutely enthralled.

I asked the tour guide if I could buy that vase.  He told me that it was just for demonstration and would be recycled into something ‘real’.  The artisan then tossed the vase into a pile of shards awaiting recycling. Of all the glass we saw that day, I ended up really wanting the vase that artist created.

I love having something that I know is entirely unique and made just for me. I like seeing an artist create something that I can take home. Whenever possible, I make something specifically for the person asking for it. The workshop has many pieces in stock, but I want people to know that I am more than willing to build something wonderful just for them. I believe that custom work should be exactly what you want, and affordable as well. So please feel free to contact me and we can talk about what you want and how to turn that into reality.

Since each custom item will be started after your order is confirmed, I will send you an e-mail with the approximate completion date and shipping date.  If you would like the item at a certain time, please specify the date when you order.